What is Adreno 205 ?


begitu buka chat, langsung dapat messages, ada link compared dari gsmarena. hm…. ngeliat nah ada dua smartphone, baca-baca all devices sama, tapi tunggu dulu… ternyata ada satu yang beda… yaitu Adreno 205.

Let see… ^^v

ini linknya


dibuka > dibaca > diperhatikan deh mananya yang beda

mari bahas soal Adreno 205

Adreno 205

Adreno 205 is a relatively new GPU – Qualcomm has been sampling it since June 2010. It is included as part of Snapdragon 1.3GHz QSD8x50A, 800MHz MSM7x30 or 1GHz MSM8x55.


Now everyone knows that HTC G2 (also known as HTC Vision, HTC Vanguard, HTC G1 Blaze and HTC Desire Z) will be the first phone to feature Snapdragon MSM7230 chipset which uses Adreno 205. Other phones to use Adreno 205 includes HTC Desire HD, HTC myTouch HD, and HTC Merge/Lexikon.

Adreno 205 features:

  • Hardware-accelerated SVG and Adobe Flash®
  • Significant improvements in shader performance over Adreno 200 GPU
  • Streaming textures that can combine video, camera, SVG and other image surfaces with 3D graphics

Based on the early benchmark results, Adreno 205 is expected to be about four times faster than Adreno 200. Samsung’s Hummingbird with PowerVR SGX540 is expected to beat Adreno 205 by a small margin, however. Still, given that nothing touches the performance of SGX540 today (that’s right, iPhone 4 is not even close!), this is quite an improvement.

Interesting to note that Adreno has a hardware-accelerated support for Adobe Flash. Are we going to see much smoother movies in action on this platform?

Will Snapdragon QSD8x60 and QSD8672 use this GPU as well? Perhaps at a higher clock speed? These are dual-core chipsets running at 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz respectively. Rumored phones such as T-Mobile’s HTC Glacier (also known as HTC Emerald), Verizon’s HTC Scorpion and Verizon’s HTC Merge are expected to use these chipsets. If we are lucky, we may get to see some of these phones during 2010.

Updated (Oct 13, 2010): Here’s the link to some benchmark numbers for Adreno 205 vs current champ – PowerVR SGX540 used in Samsung’s Hummingbird.

#Hasil compared 3DMarkMobile GPU showdown: Adreno 205 vs PowerVR SGX540

> 3DMarkMobile ES 2.0 V1 – Hoverjet and Taiji

> User Interface and Navigation

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