FileZilla Instructions – how to connect FTP server to your computer


First, download FileZilla dari

– Install di kompi kamu

– open filezilla

#Settingan dari server

create FTP account untuk mendapatkan alamat mesin, username dan password.

setelah itu, sesuaikan settingan/preferences untuk konek ke FTP server.

________in english________
FileZilla Instructions

Step 1: If you haven’t installed FileZilla, you can download it, f you have FileZilla, skip to step 2.

Step 2: Download the FTP configuration or SFTP configuration and save it onto your desktop.

Step 3: Double-click on the download file.

Step 4: An “Open File – Security Warning” dialog will open. Select “Run.” The file is safe to run on your computer.

Step 5: A “Registry Editor” dialog will open. Select “Yes.”

Step 6: You should get a successful confirmation dialog.

Step 7: Open FileZilla and go to File > Site Manager. You should see your cPanel FTP listed. Click it and connect using your password.


wes, moga membantu.



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